La Cumbrecita - Little Germany in Argentina

Upon my return to Argentina, a friend and I took a short trip to the mountain village of La Cumbrecita. It is a small town settled by a German family so everything has a German feel to it, including the food and architecture. I was more drawn however to the more natural aspects of the town - the hikes in the sierras and time sitting by the cool streams with my feet in the water and my nose in a book (or a kindle). Here is my take of our few days in the village, mostly consisting of my favorite day when we hiked to the hidden waterfall. First we had to find the big pine tree next to a large round rock - which you will notice - and then follow the stream and we would find the hidden waterfall. Well, we followed the wrong stream when it forked and found our own hidden waterfalls (or water trickles) and some goats higher up on the top of the rocks that called out to us below. After our lunch we made our way back to the fork in the stream and followed the other way and came to a much larger hidden waterfall and a pool surrounding it where we could swim. Because it was more difficult to get to, there were not many people there at all and it was very peaceful - definitely a day I would repeat. 

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