Fog in Azcuenaga

My final weekend in Argentina brought one last trip with my photography class. Our trip was delayed an hour because of dense fog. It didn't completely lift before we decided to head out anyway. I loved the mood that the fog added to our photos in the early part of the morning. By 11:00 am the fog had lifted and the sun came out and created a beautiful Sunday afternoon. 

Azcuenaga is a typical Buenos Aires pueblo. Small, with an abandoned train station (inhabited by squatters) and a few blocks of a town before changing to fields and farms. You will notice a photo of a building that is built on the corner of a block. This too is typical of these towns with the entrance to the store being on the actual corner. I am going to miss visiting these places. 

We entered the building on the corner, it was a bakery that also served coffee. The people allowed us in the back to watch them making the baked goods and pastries. They had a beautiful brick oven but I had already given away my tripod before my move so I wasn't able to adequately photograph the glowing bricks inside the oven. There are a few photos of the flour dusted machinery used in the bakery with perfect morning sunlight streaming through the window. 

It was the perfect place to say my goodbyes to the photography group and farewell to these monthly outings.