Sky Fest 2014

The Summer Sky Fest at Green Grove Gardens was not what I expected. Like a dedicated photographer, I woke up at 5 am to arrive at the grounds in time to see the hot air balloon ascensions at sunrise. Unfortunately, due to weather, they were unable to launch the balloons. They did however tether a balloon so that a couple could go through with their hot air balloon wedding plans. 

I returned later that day for the evening ascensions. I made a photographer friend as we got to approach the balloons and capture up close the process of launching a hot air balloon. That part was really cool and reminded me of outings with my photographer friends in Argentina. 

The promised balloon glow was a disappointment. It didn't happen as I had imagined it, so I only got a few shots and only one worth sharing. 

This just confirmed that my next stop needs to be Albuquerque, New Mexico for the big balloon fiesta out there. More balloons, awesome landscape and hopefully an amazing balloon glow.