Cold Water Flowers

A couple of years ago at the I Heart Handmade Market, I met Kate Stoner, from Cold Water Flowers. She was there with her sister selling beautiful dried flower arrangements, wreaths, and succulents planted in pumpkins. We got to talking and she offered for me to come sometime to take pictures in her garden. We tried for last summer, but it was too rainy and it seemed like every time we arranged for a meet up, it was way too wet. We connected again this summer and I was able to go out the last week of July. I was unsure of what the evening would hold because it was rather overcast, so there were no beautiful rays of sunlight streaming through the clouds to perfectly illuminate the flowers, but on the plus side, there were no harsh rays that would wash them out either. I enjoyed the evening chatting with Kate as she worked in the garden and sure enough, as the sun was about to set, the clouds broke just enough to cast about 3 minutes of a gorgeous “golden hour”. Here are some of my favorite shots from her garden, and especially the golden perfection that ended the evening. Some images are from the following evening when I took pictures in my backyard of one of her bouquets I was able to take with me. Also some of the names are my best guess based on her Insta Story History!

I am looking forward to revisiting her garden in a couple of weeks when she said it will be in full bloom!