Buenos Aires Planetarium

Sunday brought another photography trip with my class. The first one of 2014. The idea was night shots at the planetarium that lights up at night. The first three photos however are from a quick stop at the Casa Rosada (Pink House...like our White House, but the president doesn't live there). Actually the street shot was outside the Casa Rosada, they were getting ready for Remembrance Day demonstrations. Today was Remembrance Day in Argentina. A day to remember the coup in 1976 and the bunting over the street has the faces of people who disappeared during the time of the Dirty War.

The planetarium photos were fun. I played with taking the photo out of focus so that it gives the lights the bubble effect. I also added a few filters to 2 of the photos to change the lighting a bit. The planetarium looks a bit like a space ship in my opinion, maybe that was on purpose. It was fun playing with the light last night. At about photo 8, if you scroll through quickly,  you can see the lights dance!