San Telmo in Black and White and a Splash of Color

On Sunday my photography class went to San Telmo, a tourist hot spot for it's Sunday street market. Those of you who have been following me for awhile have probably seen previous San Telmo photos. The assignment was black and white street photography. I brought one of my roommates, Lauren, with me and we walked all around the plaza and perused the antiques on display. This time around I spent less time in search of the perfect photo and more time conversing with the Lauren and the vendors. We would approach a stand that interested us and begin talking with the vendor and asking about what things were or how old they were. It started several very interesting and enjoyable conversations. Throughout I'd ask permission to take pictures of the items for sale. Afterwards, before leaving I would ask for a photo of the vendor. It was so much more validating than just "stealing faces" as my professor says. I understand that it changes the kind of photo you receive, but this way I have memories connected with the photos instead of just random strangers. 

Loved walking into Mid Century, a furniture shop that had its walls covered in colored 3D letters from signs. These had to be shared in color.