New England

Last summer we traveled west for our vacation. This year we went north. Our trip started in Canada, though most of those photos were taken on my phone. We spent a few days exploring the old city areas of Montreal and Quebec. The old cities in both of these places were beautiful. I loved the old buildings and cobblestone streets. My mother-in-law was correct, it felt like walking into Europe. 

From Canada we went east to Maine. My favorite part of the the entire trip were the days we spent in Bar Harbor at Acadia National Park. Its vacation and in my brain vacation = sleep in, well I voted that we wake up extra early these days and take advantage of the early morning light and less people at the various locations throughout the park I really wanted to photograph. My favorite place in Acadia was Little Hunter's Beach. It was a stone/pebble covered beach, but it was a small inlet area and a little off the beaten path. It is not marked on all of the maps, and many people go to Boulder Beach, which is similar, but bigger with bigger stones/boulders. I also enjoyed taking pictures of all the boats in the harbors and catching the sunset atop Cadillac Mountain. Acadia is a beautiful place that I hope to return to someday.   

From Bar Harbor we began to travel south and hit up various ports along the way. We made sure to visit Rockport in order to photograph the famous Motif No.1. I wish we had been able to get there in earlier morning light, but we were not staying close to Rockport, so late morning was the best I could do and I still really like the pictures I was able to take there. 

We ended our trip in Newport, RI. It was a very nice town and I did enjoy seeing the lovely mansions and walking through the town. Because the town is big into yachting, it made me think of friends of mine in Argentina and I thought of the time(s) they took me on their boat with them and we would share the afternoon on the river. Naty and Alex, if you read this, I was thinking of you a lot when I was in Newport!