Garden of the Gods and the Flatirons

It is that time of year - vacation season! Sadly, one of the only times as of late that I take my camera out. This year we returned to one of my favorite places in the States - Colorado! I had never been to Boulder or Colorado Springs, so we visited those two areas on the first part of our trip. I was blown away by the majestic rock figures in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. People had told me how amazing the place is, but you just don’t understand until you are seeing it with your own eyes. We went twice - once around sunset and my Google Pixel 3 took some spectacular low light shots during that visit (notice the Garden of the Gods Entrance at Sunset photo - that’s with the Google Pixel 3, folks!). We returned the next day after sunrise. I noticed that in the sun light at dawn and dusk, the rocks had a more beautiful reddish hue to them.

Our first day was actually in Boulder, and I enjoyed getting some evening shots of the Flatirons that can be seen from the downtown area. After taking our share of photos, we enjoyed driving around the neighborhoods and gawking at the homes that have spectacular views of these incredible mountains. We picked out a few favorites too - so when we win the lottery we know might have a chance at one of these houses!